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minimal circus

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minimal circus ... how small can a circus be?
how fast and furious do you have to be?
what is the essential?
one person, one audience, one suitcase full of circus.

Based on cirque nouveau, Minimal circus on the road generates a picture of classic circus with a small but crucial limitation: an artist and a suitcase must expand to create the feel of a circus tent, the animals, and the laughing eyes of children. The simplicity of the Comic and the precision of the artistry enchants the audience, and holds it in the spell of the ring for a good half hour.

Nils Wollschläger, also known as Minimal circus, knows how to touch his audience. He plays with sensationalism like the longing for poetry. It is in the silent moments and small pauses where the audience, in spite of themselves, rediscover breathtaking circus.

Genres: Juggling, Slackrope, Rola-Rola
Duration: 30-40 mins